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  • We all know the classics of foreign literature - Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, Don Quixote... But what do you read when you fancy something a little more up to date and different in your chosen language? We've compiled a list of recommended reads, so that you can flex your linguistic muscles whilst losing yourself in a foreign adventure - no corsets in sight! Please get in touch with any more recommendations: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

  • Passionate about the year abroad?


    Of course you are!


    Fancy using your experience to help others - with the added bonus of winning some great prizes?




    Read on to find out more... 

  • Isabelle Stokes is a writer who recently swapped the London smog for the laid-back shores of Bulgaria. She has been blogging about her experiences, but here she gives us her top tips for getting to grips with this frequently misunderstood country. 

  • There is a popular misconception that doing a year (or even a semester) abroad is prohibitively expensive, but at Third Year Abroad, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from a year abroad, no matter what their financial background.

  • Katherine is studying English Literature at the University of Warwick, and is spendign a year abroad studying English and German at the Freie Universität in Berlin to improve her language skills and experience the German culture. Here is her advice about finding somewhere to live in Berlin...

  • The World's Best Bookshops!

    Thursday, 02 October 2014

    In case you weren't aware, October of this year is National Book Month! We thought we'd mark the occasion by doing a few book-related articles throughout the month, starting with this list of 15 beautiful bookshops from around the globe...

  • If you fancy improving your language skills, studying abroad as part of your degree or getting international industry experience on a work placement then British Council Study Work Create can help.

    Dazzled by all your options? Try out our quiz to help you pick the opportunity that's right for you.

  • How to succeed at le CAF

    Monday, 01 September 2014

    Katherine is studying French and German and the University of York and, spent her first semester as an Erasmus student at Aix-Marseille University in Aix-en-Provence. She's blogging about her experiences, but here are her tips for puzzling out the infamously tricksy French grant system known as CAF...

  • Tim Blore is studying Modern Languages at Durham University. He spent the first semester of his year abroad as an Erasmus student in Tübingen, Germany, and is currently working as an English language instructor for children in Paris. Here is his advice, with anecdotes mixed in, about dealing with paperwork, registering at the uni, the Erasmus programme, meeting and joining in with the locals, making the most of your time, learning new skills, travelling, homesickness avoidance tactics, and surviving university lectures on your year abroad...

  • Erasmus Programme: Hopes and Fears

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    Like many other students in Britain (and all over the world), I'm currently in the beginning stages of organising myself to be prepared to study abroad for nine months, and with this organising comes certain concerns and stressful situations. Before going to my Erasmus finance meeting tomorrow, that will also touch on applying to the foreign University of my choice (in my case the University of Graz), I'm going to highlight some of the initial worries I've been feeling, and hopefully some people will realise that they're not alone.

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