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  • Katie Harwood is studying German and Politics at Lancaster University, and is currently working as a British Council Language Assistant in Münster (Muenster) in Germany. Here is an insight into a day in her life as a Language Assistant, plus her top tips for living in Münster.

  • Holly Walton is studying French and Spanish at the University of Exeter, and is on her year abroad as a British Council Language Assistant in a small town in the Spanish Pyrenees called Barbastro. She says, "Something that I wasn't expecting to struggle with this year was celebrating my birthday out here, but I did, so I've written this so that if other people are feeling the same they know that they're not the only ones, and hopefully they can take something from it!"

  • Emer O’Toole is studying French and Spanish at Queen’s University, Belfast, and is spending her year abroad working as a British Council language assistant in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Here is her insider guide to living with locals - the good and...the not-so-good.

  • The Mole Diaries: Ceuta

    Friday, 22 January 2016

    Robyn McConville is studying Spanish and History at the University of Exeter, and is currently spending a year abroad working as a British Council Language Assistant in Ceuta, a Spanish colony east of Morocco on the north coast of Africa. Here's Robyn's insider guide to living and teaching in Ceuta: how to get there, where to live, what to pack, language advice, restaurants, shopping and nightlife...

  • Rebecca is studying Modern Languages at Oxford University, and is currently on her year abroad in Germany where she is working as an English Language Assistant at a school in Berlin. To follow the tales and anecdotes she has collected along the way, check out her blog, but in the meantime here is Rebecca's handy list of 10 ways to spot a British expat...

  • Katie is a student studying Natural Sciences, majoring in Chemistry, at the University of Cambridge. She is currently doing a year abroad studying Chinese at the Harbin Institute of Technology through the British Council Generation UK-China scholarship programmeIn summer 2014, she attended a summer school at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Here is her advice about why you should pick a city other than Beijing or Shanghai for your year abroad in China.

  • Daisy Guy is studying American Studies and English at the University of Nottingham, and is currently on a semester abroad at the University of Florida, USA. Here are ten things she's learned about America from her time studying there...

  • Lucy studies Spanish and History at the University of Southampton and spent her year abroad in Madrid, first working for 6 months as a Marketing Intern in an art museum and then 3 months as an Intern bookseller at Casa del Libro. She also spent time working on her year abroad blog, travelling throughout Spain, practicing photography and learning to play the clarinet. Here is her advice about beating homesickness while abroad, and the ten steps to happiness...

  • Mireille Harper is a student at The University of Birmingham, currently studying a French, Spanish and Italian on an Erasmus year at Université de Toulouse – Jean Jaurès (Toulouse 2) in Toulouse, France. In this post, she and her fellow third year abroaders tell you all the places you should visit while you’re on your year abroad in Toulouse - apart from Toulouse!

  • How to find an au pair job in Spain

    Monday, 07 December 2015

    Heidi Marchant is studying English Language and Literature at King's College London, and has been an au pair in her summer holidays three times. Here is her advice about how to find an au pair job in Spain, an insight into her experiences there, and her five top tips...




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