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Spanish language learning resources

40th Anniversary Spanish DictionaryThe Ultimate Spanish Dictionary

The BIG Spanish - Collins Spanish Dictionary 40th Anniversary Edition
This comprehensive dictionary has every word you’ll ever need, as well as examples of usage and idioms to help you master the lingo.

Collins Concise Spanish DictionaryThe Suitcase-friendly Spanish Dictionary

The big Spanish’s little brother Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary
Just as wonderful as his big brother and a better travel companion! The suitcase-friendly Concise Spanish Dictionary is definitely the one for you if you’re worried about jetting off on your year abroad without the security of a big, trusty dictionary.

Collins Spanish Dictionary and GrammarThe 2-in-1 Spanish Dictionary

The essential Spanish - Collins Spanish Dictionary & Grammar
The 2-in-1 suitcase-friendly dictionary with a glorious grammar section. This portable dictionary contains up-to-date coverage of all the words and phrases you need plus a super, quick reference grammar guide. Simply perfect for your year abroad! 

Collins Easy Learning Spanish IdiomsSpanish Idioms

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Idioms
This compact book featuring hundreds of fantastic idioms will have you nattering like a native speaker in no time! Without it, you might also get the wrong end of the stick if someone tells you to ‘Pedir peras al olmo’ on your year abroad!

Collins Easy Learning Spanish ConversationSpanish Conversation

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Conversation
This handy guide has all you need to help you communicate effectively. 12 units illustrate how language is used in different situations and the one-stop phrase shop contains important expressions and turns of phrase that help you sound more natural in Spanish. ¡Qué guay!

Spanish GemThe Smallest Spanish Dictionary

Collins Gem Spanish Dictionary
The perfect companion when you’re out and about. It’s handbag- and pocket-friendly and you never know when it might come in handy. What a little Gem!


Spanish LivemochaInteractive Learning

Collins Livemocha Active Spanish combines world-class content from Collins with the opportunity to really boost your language skills through practice with native speakers from around the world. Search by location or language to get connected with native speakers before you depart for your year abroad, and then stay in touch with new friends when you’re back home!

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