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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • Taking out Year Abroad insurance is essential to any trip abroad, be it for one semester or a whole year... Some policies give you the option of taking out year-long insurance, some offer up to 18 months of cover so you can include your holidays before and after, whereas others may offer a month rollover scheme. Consequently fees do vary, so it’s best to make a list of things you’re after before you choose your policy.
    Published in Insurance
  • Why should I take a year abroad?

    Wednesday, 19 January 2011
    Taking a year abroad can be mandatory on some university courses, such as Modern Languages, but it is becoming increasingly popular with students who are specialising in other fields, such as Business, History and even Medicine. Taking an open unit in the language you left at school is seen as advantageous by many an employer; uprooting to study or work abroad even more so. One of the reasons for the surge in students going abroad can be attributed to the plethora of schemes on offer, thanks to organisations like the British Council. So why should students choose to go abroad?
    Published in UK Universities
  • Disabled travelers need to do some planning before they go on a trip and pack accordingly. It is wise to write down a checklist before you leave, so as to make sure you have it all covered. Search for travel providers who can accommodate your specific needs and make sure you contact various airlines to see what sort of care and help they have on offer. 
  • W is for...What is culture shock?

    Tuesday, 28 December 2010
    Culture shock affects people in all sorts of situations. However, it is deeply felt by students on the year abroad - whether it’s adjusting at the very start to your new surroundings, getting to know the locals, coming back home to notice things aren’t quite the same as when you left them, going back out there, still struggling with the language more than 3 months in...Though you can find articles on culture shock to do with specific countries, here are some tell-tell signs and general advice on how to cope.
    Published in Year Abroad Blues
  • With so many students deciding to study abroad, either within Europe or further afield, being an undergrad in the UK is sometimes not enough - foreign universities want good grades, good personalities and good personal statements. How does one go about penning their thoughts and ideas about the upcoming year abroad, to make it as enticing as possible for universities abroad? 
  • Twitter and the year abroad

    Saturday, 29 January 2011
    Whether you love it or you hate it, Twitter can make a huge difference to year abroad students and staff alike. It might seem a bit of a minefield at first but in mere moments you'll be getting top tips about your study abroad destination, language-learning tips, up-to-date travel advice, breaking news, foreign 'words of the day', you'll be passing on advice and, best of all, you will ask questions and actually get answers!
  • Linguists' New Year's Resolutions

    Saturday, 31 December 2011

    Foreign language students from across the UK have been writing in to let us in on their own New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Here are some of the very best ideas to improve your language skills and, best of all, they’re pretty easy to do...

    Published in University Holidays
  • Studying Abroad with a disability

    Thursday, 30 December 2010
    Studying abroad with a disability is more common than you would think and many people take the plunge to move their studies abroad, and feel better for it. In fact, 10 out of 10 students who went abroad with a disability said they’d recommend others to do the same, according to our survey. Starting your research early and finding out about the universities and the help on offer is the first place to start in your search for your year or semester abroad. Speaking to your home university’s International Office is top of your list. 
  • Georgia Mallin, a Year Abroad Graduate, gives out some great advice about what to do if your year abroad isn't what you'd wished for, speaking of her own personal experience, and what she did to change it, when she was already abroad...
    Published in When You Arrive
  • Writing a personal statement can be time-consuming, frustrating and slightly overwhelming for students across the UK. In so many words, you’re expected to tell the university why they should pick you personally for your chosen course, and at that said university. Thus, you need to prepare and make sure you write towards these specific goals, whilst also being true to yourself, and your interests. Here are a few pointers as to how to go about writing a personal statement:

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