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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • As final coursework deadlines approach for the end of term, most of you will be thinking of kicking back, relaxing in front of the box munching on a mince pie, or catching up with some friends from back home with some mulled wine for company... Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these options, but what you could do, to really make the most of the holidays, would be to organise some of these activities:
    Published in University Holidays
  • Travelling around South East Asia gave me the chance to see some of the finest beaches, I quickly noticed that although I got a good deal on my flight and accommodation (£500 all inclusive), I was not getting the most out of my money in terms of pricing for foreigners. Bartering was a sport I hadn’t really got to grips with, in the UK. Sure, I’d been travelling to Africa and the States in the past, but here, it was a different story. At first, unaware of the real cost of things, I gladly coughed up the few đồngs, thinking I was onto a bargain.
  • Why study languages at university?

    Tuesday, 18 January 2011

    So you're about to face those dreaded A-levels and people are giving you advice/hell about where to go and what to study at university. The chances are (if you've landed on this site) you're considering studying a language at degree-level. We might be biased, but it's an absolutely FANTASTIC idea! Here's why...

    Published in UK Universities
  • WARNING: Accommodation in Paris

    Monday, 11 October 2010
    Lena has been in touch about scammers for accommodation in Paris, who have already targeted and created problems for quite a few year abroad students in Paris this year. Her advice is really useful for anyone out there looking for accommodation, so read this and pass it on...
    Published in French-speaking
  • Culture Shock: Mexico

    Friday, 01 October 2010
    1. The notion of ahorita
    Ask a Mexican to do something and he’ll reply ‘ahorita te lo hago’, which, to the untrained linguist, may sound like he will do it shortly. ‘Ahora’ meaning now, ‘-ita’ being the diminutive, it literally means ‘a little later’, but then again, these people are not literal. In the slightest. ‘Ahorita’ will mean anything from now, in two hours, maybe next week, maybe next Winter or maybe never. It’s something I found quite difficult to get my head round at first, as the meaning doesn’t change with tone or exclamation, it just kind of depends on the person you’re speaking to and the task at hand. Take my many coffee sessions with my great friend Chava, or Salvador (translation: the Saviour. No joke). He would say to me ‘ahorita voy por allá’, which meant ‘I haven’t left my house yet and I don’t intend to do so for the next half hour, if you’re lucky’.
    Published in Latin America
  • Prepping up just before an exam with the right foods and the right stuff to drink is really important. Not only does it help you time out from hard-core revision, it can also help you absorb facts in a more productive manner. Here’s our list of the top exam foods you should have in your store cupboard:
    Published in Study Tips
  • Body ills: The essential medical kit

    Saturday, 27 November 2010
    Getting ill on your year abroad, or even whilst your travelling unknown territory, can turn itself into a real dampener. Long bus rides, short-haul flights or even the odd horseback ride can prove themselves to be toxic for the delicate stomach, dainty joints or morning-after hangover...Your mother might have tried to plough you with different medicines, all varying shades of blue and green, with the added pills to boot, yet you may have chosen to disregard her crafty words of wisdom and infinite recalls of ‘what ifs and what nots’ concerning your bowels. Here’s our top essentials for the rough ride, if it ever comes about:
    Published in Health Section
  • Studying two languages (or three!) at university generally means you’re entitled to ‘split’ your year abroad, either equally (6 months in each place), or alternatively by placing more importance on one language than another.

  • Elena Cresci gives us her top tips for travelling lightly - great advice on what to take on your year abroad, with some great ideas about what to get out there...

    Possibly the hardest part for me on my year abroad was the luggage allowance. A meagre 20kg (15kg on some airlines!) is so not enough for 9 months of my life. Not to mention that you can accumulate a lot of stuff in that time. So how do you keep the weight and the luggage costs down? 

    Published in Packing Advice
  • So you’ve graduated, you’ve moved out of your flat share and back in with the parents oh horror of horrors, or maybe you’ve decided to stay in your university town. Either way, the new dilemma facing you will undoubtedly be: what on earth am I going to do next?
    Published in Careers
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