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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • We’ve reviewed the best student websites to scout for the cheapest deals, best discounts and brilliant advice for students across the UK and from further ashore. Whether you’re planning on going to university, right in the midst of it all, or coming over as an international student, here is our list of the top student sites to help you sort your finances and save those pennies!
    Published in UK Universities
  • As you wave your way through the thousands of students that conglomerate round the union on Fresher’s Week, you’ll walk past stall upon stall of student societies, all eagerly touting for a nano second of your attention...Welcome to Student Society sign-ups, complete with pens, lollipops and stamped plastic bags full of supposed ‘goodies’, you’ll have your work cut out trying to make sense of it all, first time round...
    Published in UK Universities
  • Armed with a saucepan, a couple of wooden spoons and a knife, you’ve entered Studentsville and are ready to tackle those greens in the fridge, in the distant hope of making something mildly comestible. Student eating is typically thought to consist of baked beans, bacon and brown bread (there goes the fibre intake) as early 20 somethings fly the nest sans cooking skills. Why not invest in a cookery book to help tackle a tight budget whilst keeping healthy? Here’s our list of the best books around:
    Published in Sixth Form
  • Booking a flight can be like taking a gamble. Whether it’s a last minute deal you’re looking for, or, quite the planner, you’ve been scouting the internet comparison sites for months on end trying to find the cheapest deal, getting flights sorted can prove to be quite stressful. Which are the best sites to buy from? Are any airlines a no-go? What about cancellation fees? And more importantly, when’s the best time to buy...
  • Taking out Year Abroad insurance is essential to any trip abroad, be it for one semester or a whole year... Some policies give you the option of taking out year-long insurance, some offer up to 18 months of cover so you can include your holidays before and after, whereas others may offer a month rollover scheme. Consequently fees do vary, so it’s best to make a list of things you’re after before you choose your policy.
    Published in Insurance
  • As you’re making your way through the school curriculum, you may be thinking about exams, revision and where to start; as Easter approaches, students rush back home to flick through textbooks and Powerpoint slides to cram in vital information for the upcoming examinations. How do you turn your hobbies into activities that will guarantee you an A-grade, whilst still having fun? Here is our tried-and-tested technique to securing good marks by doing stuff you enjoy...
    Published in Study Tips
  • Between sorting out your university halls, what to take and what to leave behind with Mum and Dad, you’ll undoubtedly come across bank adverts claiming to have the ‘best student account’ on the market. Who to go with? Do you stay on with the same bank or look elsewhere? Tim Asher, current student, lets you know what are the best on the market:
    Published in Sixth Form
  • With all there is to do, learn and regurgitate in 2 hour blocks, exam stress can take hold of many students with remarkable ease. Though you can’t shy your exams away, you can try and control your levels of stress effectively, to make sure you stay on top of them and focus on your studies.
    Published in Study Tips
  • If you’re going off on a year abroad and haven’t a girl/boy to your name, fret not dearest singletons. Relationships when you’re going off for a semester/year can be quite hardcore. Some pull through, some don’t; but that’s not who this article is directed at. It is for you, young French-kissing aficionados. This article is for all those lonely hearts out there that want to spend the best year abroad, without any romantic ties back home. But where to go is the real question, with so many great cities on offer? Here’s a top ten of our favourite cities, tried and tested with year abroaders...
    Published in What's out there?
  • Twitter and the year abroad

    Saturday, 29 January 2011
    Whether you love it or you hate it, Twitter can make a huge difference to year abroad students and staff alike. It might seem a bit of a minefield at first but in mere moments you'll be getting top tips about your study abroad destination, language-learning tips, up-to-date travel advice, breaking news, foreign 'words of the day', you'll be passing on advice and, best of all, you will ask questions and actually get answers!
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