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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • Common Year Abroad Misconceptions

    Wednesday, 22 June 2011
    The time has come for us to dispel the most common year abroad misconceptions! Here goes...
    Published in Blog
  • Phil Richards gives his preparation plans a few months before YA-Day (Year Abroad day) and shares his worries, tips and advice about his upcoming year abroad...
  • Before you disappear off on your year abroad, your tutors will tell you that you are principally there to discover a new place, become more independent and (for the linguists among you) learn to speak the language fluently. A tall order - so where on earth do you start?! Read on for our most successful ways to come back from a year abroad feeling that you've truly made the most of every second you were away.

  • As you’re making your way through the school curriculum, you may be thinking about exams, revision and where to start; as Easter approaches, students rush back home to flick through textbooks and Powerpoint slides to cram in vital information for the upcoming examinations. How do you turn your hobbies into activities that will guarantee you an A-grade, whilst still having fun? Here is our tried-and-tested technique to securing good marks by doing stuff you enjoy...
    Published in Study Tips
  • Between sorting out your university halls, what to take and what to leave behind with Mum and Dad, you’ll undoubtedly come across bank adverts claiming to have the ‘best student account’ on the market. Who to go with? Do you stay on with the same bank or look elsewhere? Tim Asher, current student, lets you know what are the best on the market:
    Published in Sixth Form
  • Deciding to change your degree course, regardless of what year you’re in, is always going to be a difficult process. Stressed out as you may come to realise uni wasn’t what you expected - or worse still - out on your year abroad and finding out you’d rather study there than back home. What options are open to you should you wish to change or switch your degree? What should you look out for?
    Published in Advice & Tips
  • If you’re kicking off your year abroad in Barcelona (or anywhere in Spain, for that matter!), one of the first, and most crucial things you’ll need to do, is to get your N.I.E.

    What is the NIE?
    The N.I.E. (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is a certificate with a number on it, confirming that you are a resident of Barcelona. It may seem pretty trivial at first, but believe me, this 9 digit number is a useful little thing to have! You’ll be asked for your NIE if you want to open a bank account, get a job in Barcelona, take part in the city’s bike rental scheme, or even join the local gym!
    Published in When You Arrive
  • We’ve reviewed the best student websites to scout for the cheapest deals, best discounts and brilliant advice for students across the UK and from further ashore. Whether you’re planning on going to university, right in the midst of it all, or coming over as an international student, here is our list of the top student sites to help you sort your finances and save those pennies!
    Published in UK Universities
  • As you wave your way through the thousands of students that conglomerate round the union on Fresher’s Week, you’ll walk past stall upon stall of student societies, all eagerly touting for a nano second of your attention...Welcome to Student Society sign-ups, complete with pens, lollipops and stamped plastic bags full of supposed ‘goodies’, you’ll have your work cut out trying to make sense of it all, first time round...
    Published in UK Universities
  • Armed with a saucepan, a couple of wooden spoons and a knife, you’ve entered Studentsville and are ready to tackle those greens in the fridge, in the distant hope of making something mildly comestible. Student eating is typically thought to consist of baked beans, bacon and brown bread (there goes the fibre intake) as early 20 somethings fly the nest sans cooking skills. Why not invest in a cookery book to help tackle a tight budget whilst keeping healthy? Here’s our list of the best books around:
    Published in Sixth Form
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