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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • My YA Dos and Don'ts

    Friday, 02 December 2011

    I’ve been here for pretty much two months now and I’ve got to say, it feels more like 2 weeks! So much has happened and everything feels like such a blur… But I’ve got to say I’ve learnt a lot (not necessarily in an academic context!) so I think a little do/don’t list might be the most effective way of getting my points across!

    Published in Advice & Tips
  • How to fund your year abroad

    Friday, 18 November 2011

    Funding your year abroad is a big step to finalising your plans, making sure you can afford your city and enabling you to really make the most of your time there, without worrying too much about money. Many grants and schemes are available, as well as the chance to get to grips with various other forms of money-saving ideas. Here is our definitive list of what you should keep an eye out before you whisk yourself off to other countries:

    Published in Money Matters
  • As you are ordering your university prospectuses to study languages, eager to get your final year of 6th form out of the way so as to become a real student, you might feel a little overwhelmed at just how many unis are on offer, what combinations to go for and what you should be looking out for. Here is our uni checklist (compiled by students), to help you pick which Modern Languages course:

    Published in Sixth Form
  • You’ve booked your travel, going with X airline to your chosen destination and you’re pretty excited. Now you’re all packed, suitcase-wise, having picked your best gear to go explore the world of the year abroad, you just need to sort out your hand luggage. Just what do you bring on a long-haul flight? How do you fill out 8+ hours of chair, window, noisy brat in front and skyline for company? Here our top must-have items to help you through it:
    Published in Health and Wellbeing
  • Virtual reading: Kindle review

    Monday, 19 September 2011
    Packing for my stay in Mexico, I realised something: aside from the fact I’d have to pick which shoes/dresses/hair products to bring, I’d also have to make a tough decision regarding which literature I could fit (carry) in my two suitcases. Yes, hand luggage was still an option, but my bag was already bulging with my laptop, charger, camera, passport and important documents, a couple of packets of sweets (no Percy Pigs in the airport), my over-filled diary and more clutter I care to recall. What to bring? How do you pick between Molière’s dramatic comedy, Ruiz Zafón’s page-turning novels and Pratchett’s sarcastic fantasy? What about all the other loves in my life, the Arabic classic literature, the socio-economic tirades of South America, the sharp wit of America’s finest authors, or the Renaissance literature of Britain?
    Published in Packing Advice
  • Study your whole degree abroad

    Wednesday, 30 November 2011

    With tuition fees on the rise, many students are looking abroad for their higher education. Whether you are studying languages or fancy studying your chosen course in English abroad, there are many options available to school leavers across the globe. Financial help, forums, dedicated websites and more are just a few steps away so read on to find out more...

    Published in Whole Degree Abroad
  • I was very excited to be invited by King's College London's Study Abroad Office (@breakfastabroad) to speak to their students about making the most of their time abroad, including the summer holidays before and after. We talked about foreign internships, part-time work, blogging, keeping a vocab book, joining in with local events, taking up courses and classes... in fact, here are my presentation slides so you don't miss out:

    Published in Blog
  • Moving abroad, for any amount of given time, can be quite scary, especially for first-timers. You’ll have lots to think about, from where to stay to how to commute, with plenty of ups and downs in between. Travel, for the most part, will be done on weekends and/or during the holiday season. Regardless of how far you get to go, here are a few pointers so as to keep your belongings safe (as well as your person), avoid accidents abroad and most important of all, try not to get ripped off...Although most countries are safe, it’s still advisable to keep these tips in mind, just in case. After all, better safe than sorry (Ok, enough with the idioms...).

    Published in Health and Wellbeing
  • Although France has always been known to offer great treats, sweet and savoury, for many years, it would be unfair to claim the Gallic country to be the only source of good food. Italy, we hear you cry, is just as good. What about the food found outside of history books, and Europe, for that matter? Here is our list, compiled by hungry students looking for that little bit extra when it comes to eating out, for those looking to put a bit of spice and other nice things in their belly...
  • As you’ve moved into your new city and seen (most of) the sites and made your way through the various cafés, you might feel a little...Bored. Surprising really, as you’ve just moved somewhere exciting and cool, you’re the envy of all your friends back home and you can’t seem to quite get why. Sure, you’ve done the museums, you’ve met some cool people, sorted out accommodation and you’ve even got yourself an internet connection. So now what? Although many students choose to spend their year abroad partying and going on trips, that’s not to say there isn’t time to practice something you love, in another language. Read on to find out more...

    Published in Advice & Tips
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