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Displaying items by tag: Advice
  • Although preparing your year abroad back home may seem like a lot of faff, paperwork and what not, but the prospect of going to France and dealing with all of that, all over again and in - aaargh - French can leave you with a bit of a headache. Filling out forms, no speaking the bureaucratic lingo and no knowledge of protocol. This is where this article comes in: what to watch out for, how to get the most out of your money and what you can sign up to. Read on to find out more:

    Published in Pre-departure
  • Becoming fluent on your year abroad is easy as pie if you're constantly surrounded by local people at work, at university and in your social life, but in reality your 'year' abroad might be only seven months (or half of it spent in another country), you might also hang out with English-speaking friends while you're there, and of course you always need a bit of time to yourself! There's no way that you can be fully-immersed 24/7, but you still need to appear less foreign/touristy as fast as possible. Why? So that locals don't reply to you in English, so they trust you and open up to you more, and so that you feel you are progressing quickly which helps hugely with confidence. "Your [insert language] is amazing! How long have you been here for?!" We are all, secretly, praise junkies.

    Published in Language Skills
  • Dear Mum and Dad,

    Sorry for not keeping in touch more. Sorry for the mood swings. Sorry for the rubbish Christmas presents. Sorry for missing your 60th birthday, Dad. Sorry for being selfish...

    Published in Parent Section
  • Study your whole degree abroad

    Wednesday, 30 November 2011

    With tuition fees on the rise, many students are looking abroad for their higher education. Whether you are studying languages or fancy studying your chosen course in English abroad, there are many options available to school leavers across the globe. Financial help, forums, dedicated websites and more are just a few steps away so read on to find out more...

    Published in Whole Degree Abroad
  • I was very excited to be invited by King's College London's Study Abroad Office (@breakfastabroad) to speak to their students about making the most of their time abroad, including the summer holidays before and after. We talked about foreign internships, part-time work, blogging, keeping a vocab book, joining in with local events, taking up courses and classes... in fact, here are my presentation slides so you don't miss out:

    Published in Blog
  • Seasoned adventuress, Nell Fane, passes on her top tried-and-tested tips about fitting in quickly when you arrive in a new place...

    Published in When You Arrive
  • It’s coming to that time of year again...No, not Christmas, nor the end of exams, but rather a fun weekend involving your year abroad, your best mate/partner in crime/parents coming to visit and you’re not only looking forward to pretending to be a tourist in your new city (ahem, you’re now officially a local of course) but you’re also planning on doing loads of typical things with them. Going to cute little cafés, munching on local cuisine, visiting the [insert name of famous museum] together. Just one little hitch in the plan - they virtually do not speak any foreign tongue; yes and no are trying at the best of times, their pronunciation is totally off-key and regardless of how many times you have tried to teach them basic words, they can’t seem to muster them up on command. What to do? The weekend can’t just be you translating all the time, can it? That’s where these simple steps and hints come in...

    Published in When You Arrive
  • My YA Dos and Don'ts

    Friday, 02 December 2011

    I’ve been here for pretty much two months now and I’ve got to say, it feels more like 2 weeks! So much has happened and everything feels like such a blur… But I’ve got to say I’ve learnt a lot (not necessarily in an academic context!) so I think a little do/don’t list might be the most effective way of getting my points across!

    Published in Advice & Tips
  • How to fund your year abroad

    Friday, 18 November 2011

    Funding your year abroad is a big step to finalising your plans, making sure you can afford your city and enabling you to really make the most of your time there, without worrying too much about money. Many grants and schemes are available, as well as the chance to get to grips with various other forms of money-saving ideas. Here is our definitive list of what you should keep an eye out before you whisk yourself off to other countries:

    Published in Money Matters
  • As you are ordering your university prospectuses to study languages, eager to get your final year of 6th form out of the way so as to become a real student, you might feel a little overwhelmed at just how many unis are on offer, what combinations to go for and what you should be looking out for. Here is our uni checklist (compiled by students), to help you pick which Modern Languages course:

    Published in Sixth Form
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