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StudyWorkCreate Q&A Day - 16th February 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Interested in an Erasmus+ Study Abroad placement? An English Language Assistantship? An Erasmus+ traineeship? The British Council's StudyWorkCreate team runs a whole range of programmes designed to inspire you to experience the world through work and education, and the team is coming together on Tuesday 16th February to answer all of your questions online! Here's how it will work...

1. How do I get involved?



  1. Sign up or log on to: any time from not up to 16th February.
  2. Write your question in the search bar (someone might have asked the same question - if so, it will pop up there!)
  3. Add some context to your question: anything useful that would help the answerers.
  4. Add tags to your question: the programme name, the country, the language, or any other themes it covers.
  5. Check that you've added the tag: StudyWorkCreate.
  6. Submit your question! Please do share the link via social media so we can help you to get as many experienced answers as possible.
  7. On 16th February, programme coordinators will be online to answer questions with the StudyWorkCreate tag.
  8. You will be alerted every time your question is answered. You can comment on answers, so the user can reply to you.

2. What is TYA Answers?

TYA Answers is ThirdYearAbroad's Q&A Platform. We started it because it's the perfect sidekick to all of our articles on TYA - our users wanted a place where they could ask and answer questions about the topics they read about. Creating a community based on international education means the answers are thoughtful and experienced, giving you a safe place to discuss niggling questions (anonymously, if you like) with people like you. It also means that your question/answer remains on our platform to help future users with the same issues, and doesn't get lost in the ether.

3. I have an opinion, can I answer a question?

Of course! That's actually the whole point of the platform! It's a place where students can ask and answer questions about their experiences - you also have the option to be anonymous if you want to give a very personal point of view. Here are some open questions you might be able to help with.

4. I'm not a student, can I still ask/answer a question?

Definitely! Many staff members, parents and alumni use the platform to ask about all sorts of topics to do with international education and careers too. Go ahead :)

5. I'm not around on 16th February, can I still get my questions answered by StudyWorkCreate?

Yes, you can ask the StudyWorkCreate team questions via TYA Answers any day leading up to 16th February - as long as you've used the tag StudyWorkCreate, they will find it and answer it on our Q&A Day - 16th February. We're going to try to persuade them to log in every so often after that date and answer your questions, so whenever you ask, you will get answers - whether it's from the TYA team, SWC team or students.

6. What sorts of questions will be asked?

We image topics will range from funding and eligibility to the career benefits and becoming a programme ambassador - it's also very useful when previous students come online to answer questions based on their experiences! You can use TYA Answers to ask questions about more personal topics too, like long-distance relationships, mental health and homesickness, but in that case you're more likely to get a response from an experienced student than a coordinator.



Any other questions about how the Q&A Day will be run? Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you!

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