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  • The Mole Diaries: Cergy

    Tuesday, 08 April 2014

    Sophie is studying International Business with French at Sheffield Hallam University. She has spent one semester at ESSEC business school in Cergy, just outside Paris and now she's interning for Alcatel-Lucent in Paris for a year. Here is her advice about living and studying in Cergy - where to live and go out, and some wonderful words of wisdom...

    Published in French-speaking
  • Georgie is a third year abroad student from the University of Nottingham, currently studying at the Université d'Avignon, having spent last semester studying at the Universitat de València. She says, "I spent a long time trying to decide how to spend my year abroad and so I understand how helpful it can be to hear first hand information from someone who really has been there themselves. I think that studying as an Erasmus student is very often dismissed as "the easy option" and would like to help put an end to this assumption."

    Published in Uni -v- Working abroad
  • Erasmus money matters

    Tuesday, 01 April 2014

    Earlier this week, I had the second of my meetings based on the Erasmus programme. Most of it was more of the same; we all turned up, sat down, and we had the customary ‘this is why YOU should go abroad’ PowerPoint presentation, and then we got down to the more serious business: finance.

  • Georgina is a student at the University of Kent and is spending her year abroad studying Sociology in Granada, Spain. Here are her top tips for exploring Granada and Andalusia and experiencing the true culture for under €10.

    Published in Spanish-speaking
  • Erasmus Programme: Hopes and Fears

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    Like many other students in Britain (and all over the world), I'm currently in the beginning stages of organising myself to be prepared to study abroad for nine months, and with this organising comes certain concerns and stressful situations. Before going to my Erasmus finance meeting tomorrow, that will also touch on applying to the foreign University of my choice (in my case the University of Graz), I'm going to highlight some of the initial worries I've been feeling, and hopefully some people will realise that they're not alone.

    Published in Home
  • The Mole Diaries: Freiburg

    Monday, 07 April 2014

    Holly is a Manchester University student spending her year abroad in Freiburg, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Here is her insider guide to the town: her first impressions, banking, accommodation, enrolment at the university, the best places to eat, getting around town, her top ten things to do in Freiburg, and the benefits of small town life as a year abroader in Germany...

    Published in German-speaking
  • Tom is studying Maths with a Year in Europe at Bristol University, and is spending his year studying Maths at university in Bordeaux. Here are his top recommendations for adventure and culture in Bordeaux...

    Published in French-speaking
  • Tim Blore is studying Modern Languages at Durham University. He spent the first semester of his year abroad as an Erasmus student in Tübingen, Germany, and is currently working as an English language instructor for children in Paris. Here is his advice, with anecdotes mixed in, about dealing with paperwork, registering at the uni, the Erasmus programme, meeting and joining in with the locals, making the most of your time, learning new skills, travelling, homesickness avoidance tactics, and surviving university lectures on your year abroad...

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  • Considering the benefits of Erasmus

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    Today, as you'll know from my previous entry, there was an Erasmus meeting scheduled which was designed for us to discuss finance and applying to our Universities of choice; unfortunately this didn't go to plan. Due to a clerical error, the date of the meeting (Wednesday, 26th February), was incorrect, and was actually supposed to take a place a month later.

  • It’s Friday night in Paris

    Thursday, 06 February 2014

    Tammy is studying Business & Management and French at the University of Manchester, and is on her year abroad in Paris as an Erasmus student at Université-Paris Sorbonne IV, while working part time in market research. Here are her top tips for bar hopping, clubbing, dancing and cabaret in Paris, the City of Light...

    Published in French-speaking
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