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Lizzie Fane

  • Work Abroad

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010
    Deciding to work abroad has many benefits, besides filling in a few more lines on your CV. You can gain international work experience, develop your language skills, learn new techniques and methods of working and (hopefully) get paid in the process. For some, the transition from studying into the world of work doesn't represent much of a challenge, whilst others may find it just that little bit more difficult; with either scenario, you need to go informed, prepared and ready to make the most of your new job, which is why we've created this section of the site.
  • Latin America

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    Fancy spreading your wings further afield? You're not alone, thousands of students choose Latin America as their destination of choice and who could blame then? Whether you're up for the colours and fiestas of Mexico, the Costa Rican coast is your idea of paradise, you're up for the head-spinning heights and delights of Ecuador, exploring the Aztec empire in Peru, learning about culture and identity in Colombia, discovering the beauty of the Amazon or nestling up in a fishermen's village in Brazil, digging into steak and moving your limbs to sensual tango in Argentina or getting the real coastal experience in Chile, check out our country profiles to find out the best places to go, read up on our reviews and spare a minute or two to read our blogs about Hernán Cortés' finest discovery...

  • When You're Back

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    Still got paperwork to sort through? How do you keep your language in tip top shape? Want to find your career path? Thinking of doing an internship? Let give you some insight into careers, professions, language tips and further education opportunities!

  • Insurance

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    We give you the lowdown on year abroad insurance - what to look out for, help you avoid nasty surprises and make sure you’re suited and booted to experience a great year abroad, minus the incomprehensible legal jargon! Read through our expert advice and let us know if you have any questions.

  • When You Arrive

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010
    What's the deal with this place? Do I have to register somewhere? Where should I start my quest for accommodation? Where do I find my coursebooks? What's a ticket restaurant? What sort of culture shock should I prepare for?

    Get help and advice from people in the know, read through our articles and make sure you're kept up to speed on what to look out for once you're in the thick of it!
  • Been there, done that!

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010
    Here is our entire collection of case studies and year abroad reports written by previous students and organised by language. Simply click a picture to discover more about your potential year abroad cities - and if that isn't enough, then don't miss our insider Mole Diaries where students have passed on the results of the previous year spent unearthing secrets about their year abroad destination, top survival tips and everything they WISH they had known before they left - just so you can learn from their mistakes and successes!
  • FAQs

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    How do I find out more about individual countries and cities?
    Search By Language or By Destination using the menu on the left, click on your language and the countries that speak that language appear. Just click on the one that interests you and browse through its cities. Alternatively you can use our amazing 'Select a Country' map search at the top of the site.

    What if I already know which city I want to go to?
    You can find your chosen city using the left menu, the map search or you can type it in the search bar. The city profile will appear, along with any listings, reviews, posts, etc. relating to your chosen destination!

    How do I set up a profile on
    You can register with by clicking register here at the top right-hand corner of the site. You can even use the information on your Facebook profile by clicking on the blue 'connect' button - which means you don't have to fill out a whole new profile!

    Why should I sign up?
    Join the first FREE all-inclusive network for university year abroad students!
    2. Get the latest special offers and discounts, specifically for year abroad students.
    3. Find out about the latest jobs and career advice for linguists.
    4. Contribute an article to the site, see your name in print and get some first-hand travel writing experience for your CV!
    5. Get involved in the next phase of the website as we introduce new features just for our members.

  • Advice & Tips

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    Here's our section about Advice and Tips from previous year abroaders. In this area, you'll find:


    • Students' top tips for the year abroad
    • How to make the most of your language skills
    • Help about what kind of grants are available to you, whether you study abroad or work abroad
    • Study tips to get yourself sorted for your degree
    • What you could work in later on

    Why not check out our list of useful online resources to practise your language skills! 

  • Health & Safety

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010
    Find out how to stay healthy when out on your year abroad, go through our checklists of what to pack, read through our articles about how to deal with the unexpected, have a look at our 'stay safe' guidelines and loads more!
  • Germany

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    A country which has been famed for its torn history, its political movements, its varied and picturesque countryside, its fine beverages, its festivals, its innovative music and much, much more, Germany attracts many a mover and a shaker. Thanks to a constantly shifting repartition of power and provinces, Germany, it would be fair to say, has not one, but many, important cities. Munich, Cologne, Berlin and Frankfurt are just a few of the jewels to be found in the Deutschland crown. So many cultural and architectural landmarks can be found across the country, from castles to medieval towns to war ruins and an underground party scene... you’ll be spoilt for choice as to what to do or see.

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