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Displaying items by tag: Japan
  • Preparing for a year in Japan

    Wednesday, 14 August 2013

    Lizzie Lawrence is studying Asia Pacific Studies with Japanese at the University of Central Lancashire, and she's about a week away from going to do her year abroad at Akita International University in Japan (in the 'Scotland of Japan' to be precise). She says, "Since I have been doing a large amount of planning for this, I want to share some tips with other future travellers," so here is her advice about packing, money, travel and contacts...

    Published in Japanese-Speaking
  • The JET Programme offers a unique opportunity for students to become Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) or Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) in Japan. In 2011, the popular programme welcomed 4,330 participants from 39 countries. Here is a Q&A with a current JET participant, to tell you what it's all about...
    Published in Work Abroad
  • I’ve spent the past eight months in Japan studying Japanese on a scholarship from Nihon Keizai Daigaku, organised through links with my college at Oxford University. I live in Fukuoka, on the southern island of Kyushu in a dormitory provided by the university with some other people on the same scholarship. As a little disclaimer, some of what I say here may be different in more or less urban parts of Japan, but overall I hope this will give you some idea of what you are in for wherever you end up.
    Published in Japanese-Speaking
  • According to the JETUK website:

    “The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is an official Japanese Government scheme aiming to improve foreign language teaching in schools and to promote international understanding. The programme was established in 1987, with 848 participants from four countries. Since then, the number of participants has increased significantly, with around 4,500 graduates from 36 different countries on the Programme in 2009”.
    Published in Work Abroad
  • Trendy Tokyo

    Tuesday, 16 February 2010

    Tokyo, Japan - beautiful, peaceful, collegiate, metropolitan, suburb

    Living in a homestay with an elderly, conservatively-minded couple for 10 months was a trial at times, but ultimately a good experience as my language and cultural experience improved immensely. I really enjoyed my stay there, although I did face a bit of a problem when a change in teaching took place half-way through the course, which badly affected my study at the International Christian University. There's loads to do and see in Tokyo, so you'll never be bored and with the great transport system, you can get around easily and efficiently, even if you want to go further afield from the town centre.

    Published in Japanese-Speaking
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