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  • Louise is studying French at the University of Glasgow and is currently a British Council Language Assistant in Tarnos in the South West of France, and her boyfriend is living there with her! She says "many of our fears were completely unfounded and I would love to write a post for those considering moving to the country of their year abroad together, to dispel some fears and offer some advice for the inevitable challenges that do come up. Sometimes it can just be reassuring to know someone has done it too!"

    Published in Long-distance love
  • Sarah Ricketts is in her fourth year studying History and Political Science at the University of Birmingham, and spent her third year abroad (including the Christmas holidays!) studying at the National University of Singapore. Here's her advice about how to decide whether or not you should stay in your year abroad destination over Christmas this year...

    Published in University Holidays
  • En route to Australia in May last year, I took a few days to explore the iconic landmarks, experience the sights and sounds, and more importantly, to taste the exquisite foods of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

    Published in Health and Wellbeing
  • Amber McIntyre is studying English with French at Queen’s University Belfast, and is currently on her year abroad working as a Language Assistant in a lycée in Compiègne, France, 515 miles away from her boyfriend back in the UK. She is blogging about her year abroad experiences, but has also written this fantastic article for us, giving five tried-and-tested reasons why you should definitely go on your year abroad despite being in a relationship.

    Published in Long-distance love
  • Living abroad? Feel like you should therefore be having the time of your life? But instead find yourself mentally and physically anchored to your room? (so much so you feel part of the furniture). This is quite ‘normal’, and yet we still associate not having ‘the time of your life’ abroad as ‘abnormal’ or rather; failure. What should be brought to light, is the fact that one in four UK citizens will have suffered from a mental health problem each year [ 2016]. This statistic really does bring home the phenomenal scale of just how many people are affected by mental health issues, for example, anxiety or depression. So although you may feel anxious, lonely, or depressed; you are certainly not alone.

    Published in Health and Wellbeing
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