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When You Arrive
What's the deal with this place? Do I have to register somewhere? Where should I start my quest for accommodation? Where do I find my coursebooks? What's a ticket restaurant? What sort of culture shock should I prepare for?

Get help and advice from people in the know, read through our articles and make sure you're kept up to speed on what to look out for once you're in the thick of it!
  • If you’re heading out to Germany for your year away, whether you’re Erasmus studying, working a cool internship or going down a volunteering route, you should look into practicing skills, passions and random activities in your spare time. Why? Because you’ll have way more spare time now then you will come 4th year, or, shudder, upon graduating when CVs, interviews and grown-up jobs will take over your life. Here’s our definitive list of the cool and quirky, from hip Berlin to dreamy Dortmund, happening Frankfurt and more...
  • It’s coming to that time of year again...No, not Christmas, nor the end of exams, but rather a fun weekend involving your year abroad, your best mate/partner in crime/parents coming to visit and you’re not only looking forward to pretending to be a tourist in your new city (ahem, you’re now officially a local of course) but you’re also planning on doing loads of typical things with them. Going to cute little cafés, munching on local cuisine, visiting the [insert name of famous museum] together. Just one little hitch in the plan - they virtually do not speak any foreign tongue; yes and no are trying at the best of times, their pronunciation is totally off-key and regardless of how many times you have tried to teach them basic words, they can’t seem to muster them up on command. What to do? The weekend can’t just be you translating all the time, can it? That’s where these simple steps and hints come in...

  • Taking out an extra course during your time in France will mean you can practice something you’re interested in, with the locals - what better way to have fun whilst you’re learning, we say. With so many free hours, it’s easy to stuff yourself silly with choucroute and slurp on fine wine: and although that’s an equally beneficial way to improve your language (as long as you’re oohing and aahing with the Frenchies), you can also get another insight into the culture, the people and their habits.


    From cooking courses to clown workshops, find your ideal way to pass the time here:

  • Although France has always been known to offer great treats, sweet and savoury, for many years, it would be unfair to claim the Gallic country to be the only source of good food. Italy, we hear you cry, is just as good. What about the food found outside of history books, and Europe, for that matter? Here is our list, compiled by hungry students looking for that little bit extra when it comes to eating out, for those looking to put a bit of spice and other nice things in their belly...
  • Social Media and the Year Abroad

    Written by  Natacha Cullinan Friday, 26 August 2011
    Whatever stage of the year abroad you’ve reached - planning, settling in or facing finals - now is the time to get involved in social media! There is a plethora of sites and apps, rich for year abroad picking, to help you decide, master and make the most of your shenanigans abroad! Here’s our ‘how to’ guide regarding social media and the year abroad...

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