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When You Arrive
What's the deal with this place? Do I have to register somewhere? Where should I start my quest for accommodation? Where do I find my coursebooks? What's a ticket restaurant? What sort of culture shock should I prepare for?

Get help and advice from people in the know, read through our articles and make sure you're kept up to speed on what to look out for once you're in the thick of it!
  • Weird and wonderful ways to record your time abroad

    Written by  Elisa Potter Tuesday, 02 June 2015

    I'm writing this because I wish I had documented my time abroad better. It has bugged me ever since, especially as my computer had an irrevocable crash and I lost a huge number of my favourite photos (pleeease make sure you print them, or at least back them up properly!).

    To help you avoid making the mistake I did, here are some great ways to preserve your photographs and itineraries: scrapbooking, an intriguing handbag idea, a stop-motion video, a clever keyring, a beautiful printed book, or even a photo patchwork quilt/cushion can all come to your memory's rescue when you're a nostalgic graduate.

  • It is so important to document your year abroad: take photos, write a blog or a journal, make a photobook, draw or even film what you get up to - you definitely won't regret it.

    But one thing you will do naturally, almost without noticing, is collect bits and pieces; from postcards and tickets to maps and ideas on a napkin.

    Rather than sorting through all of your memorabilia after your year abroad, why not create a keepsake as you go?
  • 9 tried-and-tested year abroad tips

    Written by  Olivia Russell Wednesday, 11 April 2012

    Olivia is studying Spanish and History at Sheffield University and is on her year abroad in Madrid. Here are her 9 tried-and-tested general tips for year abroad students...

  • We talk a lot on the site about taking advantage of the opportunity to travel, make friends, absorb the culture and have amazing new experiences, but this should not be at the expense of your career plans - yes, getting a weekend job will mean you can't have crazy Friday and Saturday nights, but if it's work experience in your dream industry or helps you afford a course to learn a new skill, then you need to get your priorities straight.

    Olivia Russell is studying Spanish and History at Sheffield University and is on her year abroad in Madrid, and has some great advice about making the most of your year abroad with your career and final year in mind.
  • It would be a crime not to make the most of Italian cooking, eating, dancing, trampolining, speaking, drinking etc on your year abroad here. After all, the food is second to none, the wine doesn’t get tiresome and you’re noticing it doesn’t get much better than this: la vita è davvero bella. Oh yes, yes it is. You’re through a few months of it now and family and friends are expecting lots from you: an academic’s knowledge of Michelangelo, the ability to make perfect hand-made ravioli, distinguish your espresso from your americano, get the froth right on the cappuccino AND speak the local dialect.
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