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Displaying items by tag: Careers
  • Rachel is studying French and German at the University of Bristol, and is currently spending the second part of her year abroad working as a translation intern in Biarritz in the south of France. Here is an account of her first week there, which is especially useful if you are about to begin a placement yourself or are trying to decide what to do on your year abroad...

    Published in Internships Abroad
  • The media is onto it, forward-thinking businesses have already started to buy into it, and organisations up and down the country are singing their praises… But just why are Erasmus students and Global Graduates such a good investment for companies across industries?

    Published in Careers
  • Complete linguistic immersion on your year abroad can turn a language barrier into one of your biggest advantages. Being fluent in a foreign language has innumerable benefits in both your personal and professional life. If you discover you have an aptitude for and enjoy language learning, it’s worth considering an entrepreneurial career that takes advantage of your language skills, such as starting up a language school, a tourism agency or a translating and interpreting business. Here is an interview with Claire Lucia Grant, Founder of Claire L Grant Language Services.

    Published in Entrepreneurship
  • Have you done a work placement abroad? If so, we have a unique opportunity for you to win a ticket to the launch event of the Careers Platform this Friday evening (22nd) at a smart location in Central London, and meet employers from top UK and global businesses, from Goldman Sachs to the Guardian.

    Published in Blog
  • Hannah studied French and Italian at Durham University, and spent her year abroad working as a Language Assistant in Tuscany, Italy, and working in a hotel in France. She is now working for an American software company, dealing with their sales to the Italian market.

    Published in Language Launchpad
  • Elissa is studying English and French at the University of Leicester and is currently in France on her year abroad working as a Language Assistant just outside Lille. She spent last summer working at an American summer camp, and had such a fun and CV-enhancing experience that she'll be packing up her bags this summer and heading back to Rhode Island! Here is Elissa's advice about why it's 'academically' a good idea to work in a summer camp and develop your leadership skills over the holidays.

    Published in University Holidays
  • You know what it’s like to arrive in a new country and feel lost, or to try and communicate with someone without speaking their language, or to try to use a new product without understanding the instructions, or to misunderstand foreign paperwork – imagine how useful it would be to have a middle man who understands what you’re going through and can make it easier for you. As someone who knows and appreciates two languages and two cultures, you can act as a bridge between them for people. You can help them to buy a house abroad, communicate with foreign tradesmen, visit cultural sites, organise a wedding abroad or negotiate business dealings, and you are in a unique position to do so. Here's an interview with James Martin, Founder of All Abroad.

    Published in Entrepreneurship
  • Your year abroad gives you a unique opportunity to travel. You can take advantage of extensive university holidays and cheap student travel deals to explore your new destination and the surrounding cities and countries. Your experience travelling will open your eyes to other cultures and may even spark a business idea. Here is an interview with Dominic Eden, the Founder of Gadabouting, a luxury travel inspiration service that connects you to specialist travel agencies and high-end hotels, so you can plan your trip with all their expertise.

    Published in Entrepreneurship
  • Maya studied Spanish at Leeds Metropolitan University, and spent her year abroad as a Language Assistant at a secondary school in Spain. She is now working as a Quality Assurance Manager for a translation agency.

    Published in Language Launchpad
  • Virginia Stuart-Taylor studied Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at Exeter University, and spent her year abroad at university in Córdoba, Spain, and doing an internship at Armani in Modena, Italy. She is now on the European Leadership Graduate Scheme at O2 UK, Telefónica, where she is Manager of the CEO's Office.

    Published in Language Launchpad
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