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Displaying items by tag: Living and working in France
  • I study French and Italian at St Anne’s College, Oxford. I began learning Italian ab initio when I started in 2012, and as result of being so far behind with Italian in comparison, I really worked hard to improve my Italian by studying at language courses in Florence and spending a summer working as an au-pair. As a consequence, my French then fell behind, and I really wasn’t comfortable with grammar or speaking. I have thus chosen to spend the majority of my year Abroad in France, and just the two summers either side in Italy. I had already had a fair bit of experience working at primary schools in England as a volunteer and so decided that I wanted to use my year abroad as a chance to gain a different type of work experience.

    Published in Internships Abroad
  • Katherine is studying International Business with French at Warwick University, and is spending her year abroad working in Paris! You can get the latest about what she's up to on her blog: Paris Student 411, or by following her on Twitter @katherinecook14, but in the meantime here is her tried-and-tested insider advice for finding accommodation in Paris...

    Published in Accommodation
  • For my year abroad, I secured a work placement in a school where I translated, taught, and did a lot of admin. French admin is very much like English admin, except there’s a whole lot more of it. However, as my time here draws to a close, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt that I wish I’d known before I left.

    Published in France
  • Rosie is doing her whole degree in France, so she has a unique insight into the differences between French and English approaches to university life. Here's her advice for students preparing for the culture shock of studying abroad in France...

    Published in Study in France
  • Anita Barton-Williams is studying French and Spanish at Nottingham Trent university, and is spending her year abroad in Strasbourg, France, and Ávila, Spain. She says, "I want to shed light on the experiences I have had as a young black woman abroad. I want to be able to give advice to other Black people and ethnic minorities on what to expect upon starting their year abroad as I, as well as several of my fellow Black Trent students, have encountered racism on several occasions and feel it is a topic that needs to be brought to attention." Here is her advice.

    Published in Advice & Tips
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