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Displaying items by tag: Parents
  • Sophie Otway worked as an au pair for a year in Paris. This is her experience of dealing with differences of opinion while working for a family abroad...

    Published in Au Pairing Abroad
  • Your Weekend Reading: 21/3/15

    Friday, 20 March 2015

    Feeling a bit out of touch? Not a problem! Every Saturday, we'll be bringing you the articles that have caught our eye during the week. Enjoy!

    Published in Blog
  • From the simplicity and affordability to the multilingual fun and the international career prospects: discover why doing your whole degree in English in Continental Europe is an excellent choice! Our guest writer, Gérard Spencer, is the Founder and Director of EUROPEDUCATION, the only independent British organisation which supports students (and informs their parents) considering a degree in English in Continental Europe instead of in the UK.
    Published in Whole Degree Abroad
  • It’s coming to that time of year again...No, not Christmas, nor the end of exams, but rather a fun weekend involving your year abroad, your best mate/partner in crime/parents coming to visit and you’re not only looking forward to pretending to be a tourist in your new city (ahem, you’re now officially a local of course) but you’re also planning on doing loads of typical things with them. Going to cute little cafés, munching on local cuisine, visiting the [insert name of famous museum] together. Just one little hitch in the plan - they virtually do not speak any foreign tongue; yes and no are trying at the best of times, their pronunciation is totally off-key and regardless of how many times you have tried to teach them basic words, they can’t seem to muster them up on command. What to do? The weekend can’t just be you translating all the time, can it? That’s where these simple steps and hints come in...

    Published in When You Arrive
  • The year abroad: Twenty years on

    Thursday, 20 October 2011

    Heather McGuinness has kindly shared with us her account of her year abroad in Paris, twenty odd years ago! Here, she recalls life abroad before the internet, her favourite hotspots and more...

    Published in When You're Back
  • Lisa recently returned from a year abroad in Paris. After a discussion with her parents about the lack of useful information online for the families of year abroad students, she decided to interview them about their perspective of her time abroad...

    Published in Parent Section
  • Doing a year abroad can be a long and difficult decision - one which is completely worth it. But what do you do if your parents don't want you to go? We've put together this list of potential questions and answers, together with some handy links to our articles, to help you reassure the 'rents.

    Published in Parent Section
  • The full title could be ‘How to convince your parents to let you go abroad, or, how to blindly ignore anything your parents might think about your year abroad and go entirely based on your impression of how they feel about it’, but let's not get caught up on particulars straight away…
    Published in Parent Section
  • Dear Mum and Dad,

    Sorry for not keeping in touch more. Sorry for the mood swings. Sorry for the rubbish Christmas presents. Sorry for missing your 60th birthday, Dad. Sorry for being selfish...

    Published in Parent Section
  • Virtual reading: Kindle review

    Monday, 19 September 2011
    Packing for my stay in Mexico, I realised something: aside from the fact I’d have to pick which shoes/dresses/hair products to bring, I’d also have to make a tough decision regarding which literature I could fit (carry) in my two suitcases. Yes, hand luggage was still an option, but my bag was already bulging with my laptop, charger, camera, passport and important documents, a couple of packets of sweets (no Percy Pigs in the airport), my over-filled diary and more clutter I care to recall. What to bring? How do you pick between Molière’s dramatic comedy, Ruiz Zafón’s page-turning novels and Pratchett’s sarcastic fantasy? What about all the other loves in my life, the Arabic classic literature, the socio-economic tirades of South America, the sharp wit of America’s finest authors, or the Renaissance literature of Britain?
    Published in Packing Advice
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