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Displaying items by tag: New York
  • New York, it’s been a pleasure!

    Thursday, 01 December 2011

    As I approach the last stage of my internship with the UN and my final few weeks in New York City, I have been trying to establish some good contacts and gain valuable career advice for the future. While the work I have been doing for the Peacekeeping department of the UN has certainly been interesting, the most useful lessons I have learned have definitely come from having an insight into the UN as a whole, the inspirational people I have met and the exciting experience of living in the wonderful city that is New York.

  • Greetings from the Big Apple!

    Tuesday, 27 September 2011
    This is my first blog post as Third Year Abroad's Mole at the UN in New York, how exciting! Let me start by explaining how I got here... I graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh back in June this year and was awarded a prize called the Fiona Watson Memorial Award. This award is basically a scholarship which sends a student to do an internship with the UN in New York for 3 months in memory of Fiona Watson who was a Heriot-Watt student who worked at the UN until she was tragically killed in 2003. Like many of you reading this blog, I studied languages at uni and spent a wonderful year abroad in Tours, France and Granada, Spain.
  • The Mole Diaries: New York City

    Monday, 18 October 2010
    Giovanna Perciballi has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and English Literature from The State University of New York at Albany. She's also done a Masters Degree in Literature from the University of London, Institute of English Studies. She moved to Barcelona in September 2009 to experience a new culture and teach English as a second language.
    Published in English-speaking
  • Life in New York City

    Wednesday, 26 October 2011

    Time is flying by so quickly in New York and I have now been here for over 5 weeks and I’m almost halfway-through my internship with the UN. My department are giving me lots of interesting work to do and after expressing an interest in translation projects, I’m getting to use my language skills a lot which is great.

  • The City

    New York really is something else - tall, proud, busy, eccentric, peculiar, fun, vibrant and much, much more. You get this real sense of being a very small fish in an incredibly big pond at first, only to be quickly enamored by its drive, its colours and its sense of anything goes. I managed to travel my way up and down Manhattan, getting a crooked neck from all the gawking at skyscrapers, but I couldn’t help myself as the architecture out here is outstanding. From the very first building of its kind, the Flatiron building, to the more contemporary Trump Tower, you can’t get away from the sense of sheer ambition there is about this place. I loved every second of it, and I can pretty much guarantee that anyone coming here, for a quick trip, short stint or a whole year, will too...
    Published in English-speaking
  • New York

    Monday, 27 September 2010
    City of Cosmopolitan(ism)
    By far and away, the Mother of all world cities, the Big Apple is at the top of tree for many reasons. Theatre, art, culture, food, history, greenery, contradictions, work vs play, this city is merciless in its quest to trump any other on the planet. Each borough has its own neighbourhoods, with their own quirks and charms, and even accents, making the whole shabang a real melting-pot of everything but the kitchen sink. Whether you’re here for a brief visit, or end up spending a whole academic year here, you will still be left wanting more, and more, and more...
    Published in USA

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